Who Whe Are

The Great Silk Way is a UAE-based company and holds its headquarter in Dubai. We provide a full range of marketing and strategy planning services to promote and move your business, including business development, marketing researches, strategies, event planning, etc.


We help our clients realize their potential. We inspire. We incite. We move companies and organizations forward.


We are an event management agency that delivers value by designing and successfully implementing marketing strategy effectively, creatively, timely and efficiently.


We are a company working in different domains. Based on our experience in different sectors, we improve the business of our clients.


We are very versatile. We aim in satisfying not just one need but all the possible needs when it comes to marketing, events, financial and other services.


We draw our strength from the presence of highly qualified and skilled professionals, which resulted from a successful combination of experts from event management, finance, marketing, and other sectors. Therefore, we fulfil a highly targeted strategy for different domain players.


The value proposal is based on an effective choice of marketing and communications tools & branding as well as special event management, developed by professionals with deep understanding, knowledge and practical experience in the field.


We offer expertise covering all business line specialisations and services for corporate, institutional and personal events to provide turnkey solutions from consulting and design to producing the event itself.


We have the ability to create and manage magical moments which should never be forgotten.