Are you scouting for new markets or opportunities? Are you looking for ways on how to promote your services or products in different countries? Or maybe your company is already established and wants to grow even further?

You are at the right place then! We provide proven cross-border revenue solutions. Our professional team offers a full range of services including but not limited to the following:

A. Start-up

Once you have finally decided to sail deep over business oceans (yes, we know blue ocean strategy and can use it for you), we will be there to swim with you! Our company shall guide you through the entire process – from incorporation, opening a business bank account, setting up the accounting system, hiring employees, office lease, until your business is finally up and running!

B. Help desk

Does your international operating company require an Arabic, English, Russian, Filipino, or Hindi speaking help desk? We offer efficient and customized help desk solutions suitable for almost any budget and size.

C. Marketing solutions and services

The Great Silk Way offers a wide range of marketing services in many different ways. Marketing is one of the most important, if not the most important pillar in “to-do” list, which management should focus on.

Marketing researches

Nowadays, with the use of advancing technology, wise entrepreneurs adapt market research services to continuously monitor & quantify changing consumer needs, market size, and analyze user behavior to stay ahead of competition. We provide businesses with accurate measures to plan and develop products and services that profitably match customers’ requirements and bolster decision making, enabling them to enter into the growth and success trajectory.

Market Analysis

We use the most modern and reliable analytical & statistical methods to understand market opportunities and threats, so that maximum revenue and stability can be achieved. Our professional international team will study market size, growth rate, various distribution mediums, and market trends to boost your business performance.

Competition Analysis

We want your business to be profitable and always on the top. Thus we carry-out a comprehensive competition analysis and accordingly propose strategies and changes to achieve the success your business deserves.

Opinion Polls

We conduct surveys by preparing set of questions in tandem with your business offerings to take public opinion through telecommunication channels or in person-to-person contact. This in turn helps in figuring out positive, deficient sides and new requirements allowing you to implement in the better way.

Marketing Strategies

The road to the future is paved with change. Without the right strategy, it could prove to be a bumpy ride. Technology is emerging at lightning speeds. People are finding new and faster ways to connect with the world around them. Consumers are in control and have become increasingly fickle about what they give their attention to and how they do it. Here today, irrelevant tomorrow. All this change is making it hard to keep pace with people’s behavior. If you’re going to adapt, you need an agency that can make that happen. That’s where we come in. We help brands make sense of this tempest. We’re always watching and keeping tabs on consumer behavior, gaining insights into how people interact with and perceive a brand, as well as its competition. These insights help us identify the currency that is going to spark consumers’ interest and compel them to not only listen to what you have to say, but to carry your message forward. We don’t simply develop lofty brand strategies - we help our clients bring these strategies to life. Since consumers today experience brands across many different channels and devices, our plans consider how these channels can best work together to reach a brand’s goals. Every one of our strategists has a keen understanding of traditional marketing as well as digital, social, and mobile platforms: Cross-channel fluency is necessary to develop transformative plans that don’t just sound nice, but actually work.

Classical marketing

The Great Silk Way makes use of a different kind of marketing approach and tools. We are a team that leads with strategy, data and insight – and follows through with compelling, results-focused execution. A potential partner who gets smart quickly about complex technologies, products and services. Our roster of clients is global – from Gulf countries to Silicon Valley, from India to Russia. We complement and supplement internal marketing teams, helping raise visibility, showcase credibility and generate qualified leads.

Digital marketing and Trainings

These days, consumer behavior can be a bit unpredictable. Technological advances are changing the way people connect, and in doing so, wreaking havoc on the unprepared. We always aim to provide you with a strategy that will work for your individual company. We implement effective online marketing campaigns that will deliver you traffic, enquiries, sales and most importantly, a return on your digital marketing spend.

D. Business consulting

The Great Silk Way consults businesses who want to expand or who reach a point where they are ready to achieve the next level of success in the market. Our services include market analyses for your products and services, developing entry strategies, performing competitor analysis and searching and screening for agents and distributors.

E. Business process outsourcing

The Great Silk Way offers partial and complete business outsourcing. This can be a temporary, intermediate, or permanent solution. Outsource solutions range from back office staffs to implementing an entire working force.

F. Key account management

Our professional key account managers identify major account potentials and turn them into key customers by providing premium service and by building long-term relationships.